Welcome to the resources section

The weblinks and documents we have put here are all things that we things that we think will be useful to entrepreneurs with Isle of Man based opportunities.

If you are embarking on your entrepreneurial journey for the first time – you have our utmost respect – we salute you and wish you every success.

If all goes to plan, a wonderful life awaits you- but buckle up – you are probably in for quite a ride as its often a bumpy road.

Best wishes

The team

Welcome to the resources section

Business Plan

If you are looking to write your first business plan then try – – you still have to put the work in but it includes a number of sample plans and pitch documents.

Company formation

If you are looking to form an Isle of Man Company then visit the Isle of Man Company formation page on the Katz & Co website. You can form the company yourself or ask for assistance.

Business friendly accountants

Getting your accounting and bookkeeping systems right from day one will save you time and give you more time to grow your business. We suggest that you contact Harrison Katz at Katz Accounts.

Web / Digital

This website was designed locally in the Isle of Man by the very talented Julie Parys. You can see more of her work and see details of how to get in touch with her at

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