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Katz & Co. have established to help promote entrepreneurship on the Island by making it easier for people looking for business opportunities (Angels) to connect to Entrepreneurs with those opportunities.

Key features are:

  • Projects / opportunities will not be listed on this website; they are sent out electronically or listed in our linkedin group.
  • Our fees are generally success based. (i.e. we only get paid on completion of a transaction)
  • If Angels wish to learn more about an ‘opportunity’ then we will put you in touch directly with the entrepreneur so you can discuss it directly
  • Our opportunities include both equity and loan financing and range from start up ventures, bridging loans, asset finance and business expension capital.
  • We won’t recommend investments and we don’t arrange them. We simply provide the means for investors and entrepreneurs to communicate.

Note: Investors’ contact details will not be shared with other Investors or with Entrepreneurs without their express consent.

Legal Warning

Manx law does not generally distinguish between categories of investors. However, the content of this website is directed at those who would be categorised under UK law as either certified sophisticated investors or high net worth individuals. See here for relevant definitions.

If you are not a sophisticated investor or a high net worth individual then we would caution you against making investments into opportunities that we make available. This is because these types of investment are typically high risk and often illiquid. There is a likelihood that you will lose some or all of your investment.

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